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Meet the Instructor

Rebecca DeGeorge

An award-winning film and video editor for more than 25 years, Rebecca DeGeorge has a deep commitment to the aesthetics of film and storytelling, as well as the practicalities of production. 

Diving into Seattle's booming commercial industry in the ‘90s, Rebecca worked as an editor, script supervisor and post-production supervisor for Seattle’s top commercial production companies. Quickly incorporating longer format dramatic and documentary films as well, her focus turned toward education and social justice. Her work spans major topic areas of the last 25 years: violence prevention, AIDS, bullying, drug abuse, alcohol and cigarette marketing for minors, hate crimes and discrimination, childhood trauma, job loss and emotional intelligence.

Initially editing on film, then video, DeGeorge has cut on practically every major digital editing system developed in the last 20 years. A popular and enthusiastic teacher, DeGeorge has been fostering new editors since 2000. Believing everyone can edit, she thrives on encouraging new talent, helping students discover and merge their creative and technical sides.

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