Meet the Instructors

Sara Tamarin

MD. Physician and Coach at The Everett Clinic; Life Coach at Sara Tamarin, MD Coaching LLC

Sara Tamarin is a life and leadership coach, entrepreneur, intrapreneur and physician. In the fall of 2020, she enrolled in the UW Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (WEL). While in the course, Tamarin designed a venture to initiate a coaching program to address physician burnout at her clinic. Before the WEL session had ended, Tamarin had pitched her proposal to her clinic’s leadership, and it was approved.

Tamarin is currently leading the initial cohort of providers participating in that coaching program. During her participation in WEL, Tamarin also launched her own private coaching practice and is growing that business. Tamarin largely credits the principles and tools of coaching, which she applied in real-time to her own life, allowing her to create the exciting and varied life she is passionately living today. She relishes the opportunity to share her experience and skills with the next cohort of women entrepreneurial leaders.

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