Meet the Instructor

Scott Colburn

Audio Engineer, Producer

Scott Colburn is considered one of Seattle's most versatile producers. His credits span projects as diverse as Mudhoney's heavy rock, Sun City Girls' Cloaven Theatre, the avant-garde sounds of Climax Golden Twins, the ethnic modern classical stylings of Black Cat Orchestra, the reggae of Winston Jarrett and wizardry on archival tapes of Capt. Beefheart and Charlie Patton. Colburn is an audio wizard residing in Seattle, but he has been known to materialize all over the globe. Currently he is concentrating on serious music projects, sound design for film, painting and filmmaking. 

Colburn's teaching philosophy is simple: Audio is not complicated in its roots. The basics of audio are grounded in science, whereas the art of audio has no limits. Because of the variety of flavors available, it's important to have a firm understanding of the basics in order to take advantage of the possibilities in the arts. Colburn presents the many sides and shapes of audio available, giving his Certificate in Audio Production students an understanding of the rules and how to break them. Colburn won a 2013 Teaching Excellence Award for his work with this program. More information on Colburn's work can be found on his website.


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