COVID-19 Career Resource Guide
COVID-19 Career Resource Guide

The past few months have been difficult for many of us. We’ve had to adapt to new working conditions, cope with furloughs and layoffs and try to continue to move forward while much of the future is uncertain.

If you’re thinking about exploring new job opportunities or growing your skills, we have your back. To help you achieve your professional goals, we’ve rounded up a collection of free guides and videos to provide actionable tips to perfect your resume, showcase your skills, master interviews, grow your connections, pay for your education and more.

Networking During COVID-19

When it comes to landing a new gig, having strong networking skills can provide a variety of professional opportunities you might not have known existed. But how do you stay connected with people while maintaining physical distancing? Get creative and adapt your outreach with these five network-friendly developments.

Start Networking

Resume Writing and Strategy

A robust resume can go a long way to landing you the position of your dreams. Pick up tried-and-true principles such as proper resume length, format choices and more from this recorded online training session. An industry expert with 25+ years of resume writing experience, career coach Matt Youngquist gives you tips for your resume to ensure it portrays you in the best possible light.

Resume Construction and Strategy Zoom Event Recording

Matt Youngquist of Career Horizons talks about techniques for revamping your resume, so it portrays you in the best possible light.


Interviewing Preparation and Strategy

For an interview, preparation is key when it comes to making a good first impression with hiring managers. In this recorded online training, learn how to take your skills to the level with preparation and interview pointers that go beyond standard job interviewing tactics. Whether you’re a novice job hunter or a pro looking for an edge, you’re sure to find valuable insights to add to your interviewing arsenal.

Advanced Interviewing Preparation and Strategy Zoom Event Recording

Matt Youngquist of Career Horizons talks about how to take your interviewing skills to the next level with a variety of preparation approaches and interview tips.


Finding Freelance Work

If you’ve found yourself less employed than you’d like due to the pandemic, growing a stable freelance career can help bridge a gap between full-time roles or provide extra cash to boost your current earnings. Plus, freelancing can be a great way to beef up your resume, expand your skillset and broaden your portfolio of work samples. Check out these 10 tips from an industry expert for building a freelance career.

Grow Your Freelance Career

Pivoting Your Career

Is the changing job climate causing you to think about reinventing yourself for a new role or transferring your skills to a new industry? Balance your desire for change with a solid plan for your transition. Use these five tips from a veteran career coach, Matt Youngquist, to help define and market the new you.

Change Your Career

Free and Low-Cost Learning

Have some extra time on your hands and wondering how you’re going to fill the hours? Use the time to diversify your knowledge and skills while staying at home. These free and low-cost remote courses will allow you to learn at your own pace and advance your career!

Find Classes

Tips for Online Learning

If it’s been a while since you spent time in a classroom or learning remotely for the first time, the process can sound a little daunting. Don’t panic. We’ve got five tips for learning online to ease your pre-class jitters and keep you on track for a rewarding educational experience.

Master Remote Learning

Using WorkSource to Train for Your Next Job

Has the pandemic caused you to lose your job? Check out how these unemployment and training benefits from WorkSource can help you upgrade your skills.

Train for Your Next Job

Paying for Your Education

Continuing your education is an excellent investment, but covering the expenses is not always easy. To help you plan, we gathered a list of traditional and non-traditional forms of financial assistance to fund your education.

Discover Ways to Pay

This unprecedented time has been challenging for everyone. If the pandemic has sidelined your career, now is a great time to actively brush up on your skills and improve your resume by investing in online classes and training. You’ll be back on your feet and on the path to success in no time!

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