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New Continuing Education Programs at the UW
New Continuing Education Programs at the UW

Looking to get a leg up in your field? To meet the evolving needs of those who never stop learning, we’ve developed two new courses and two new certificate programs starting this fall and winter. Take one of these programs on its own or use them to chart your path to success in one of our UW certificate programs or graduate degrees.

Design Thinking Workshop

When: Oct 13-31, 2020
Where: Online With Real-Time Meetings

Developing a new idea into a finished product is often viewed as a daunting and complicated process. Where do you start? How do you transform a pile of research and tangle of ideas into a polished, workable product? Enter design thinking. It’s a powerful and structured process that encourages you to consider the human need behind a business solution.

Discover the methodology behind this unique process and work hands-on with corporate partners to solve real-world challenges and opportunities their companies are facing in this fast-paced workshop. You’ll learn to identify the mindsets and unmet needs of your customers, determine what is technologically and economically feasible, develop new ideas as well as reduce risk by testing and refining solutions.

With jobs becoming increasingly digital and global, skills such as the ability to problem-solve, empathize and adapt are in high demand. Whether you’re a product designer or an executive involved in driving growth, being well-versed in design thinking allows you to recognize and address a range of challenges that’ll lead to better products, services and internal processes.

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DevOps With Docker & Kubernetes (course)

When: Oct 13-Dec 15, 2020
Where: Online With Real-Time Meetings

More than five years ago, few people had heard of the term “DevOps,” but when LinkedIn released their 33 Most Recruited Jobs in 2018, DevOps engineers topped the list.

A new information technology trend, DevOps practices have been widely implemented by several companies to facilitate next-generation performance and agility. Although its application differs across organizations, DevOps aims to bring software development and system administration principles together, rather than silo them. The advantage of this approach is it allows companies to build, test and release software applications with greater speed and efficiency.

As companies embark on digital transformations, experience with the Docker and Kubernetes – two tools that allow software developers and system administrators to work together seamlessly -- are also becoming valuable skills for DevOps roles. 

Taught by Alex Chen, a product owner at F5 Networks, this course will give you an introduction to DevOps and its integration, delivery and automation mechanism. Learn about Docker and orchestration, as well as get hands-on experience through a live lab on Kubernetes on AWS and Google Cloud platforms. Designed for professionals with system administration experience interested in learning how to automate their application deployments, the program is also an excellent option for software, system or data engineers who want to keep up with this technology trend and strengthen their skills.

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Certificate in Economics & Data Science

When: Sep 30, 2020-Jun 11, 2021
Where: Online With Real-Time Meetings

The number of likes on a Facebook post. The number of clicks on one ad versus another. Fluctuations in product sales. Data is everywhere and the demand for skilled professionals who can make sense of it all continues to skyrocket. Companies are poring over their data to discover how to target their products to customer interests as well as solve a wide range of business problems.

With the power to transform raw data into decision-making insights, data scientists are in high demand. But when data science is paired with a solid understanding of economics, you have an even more powerful tool. This three-course certificate program will arm you with economics theory. You’ll be able to help evaluate the effectiveness of business decisions, forecast sales and other business metrics, design markets and inform pricing decisions.

Discover the fundamentals of data science tools and methodologies and apply them to large economic data sets. You’ll also learn how to understand, manage and visualize big data with programs like Python and R as well as use machine learning tools and statistical methods for predictive and economic analysis.

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Certificate in Software Development & Design Essentials

When: Jan 21–Sep 9, 2021
Where: Online With Real-Time Meetings

An established tech hub, the greater Seattle area is a prime locale for software developers. Washington is expected to be one of the regions to add the most jobs, with more than 10,000+ jobs listed on LinkedIn in the greater Seattle area.

Want to stay ahead of the curve and join this booming field? Set yourself up for long-term success in this three-course certificate program that teaches professionals experienced in coding some of the necessary skills and required to boost your software career.

Taught by Sanjeev Qazi, a software engineer at Microsoft, the program dives deep into topics like data structures, algorithms and design patterns to show you how to create efficient, maintainable and scalable software components as well as integrate them flawlessly on any system.

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