9 Top Job Boards for People of Color
9 Top Job Boards for People of Color

With the increase in Black Lives Matter protests in the last year, many businesses have reevaluated their hiring goals and are committed to hiring more people of color.

After all, diverse workforces have many proven benefits for improving employee morale and productivity. Diverse teams pull from varied experiences and perspectives, allowing them to outperform homogenous ones during decision-making as they tend to process facts more carefully. Additionally, studies have shown that diversity increases profitability—and enhances engagement, so employees feel more inclined to perform their best.

Even better, now there are proven job boards where you can find employers who are stepping up their efforts to build an inclusive and equitable workforce. As a person of color and a career coach with more than 10 years of experience, here are nine of my top picks for job boards for people of color, many of whom work with diverse employers in various industries.

1. HBCU Connect

A great networking site for students and alumni from Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU), HBCU Connect features a list of career fairs you can attend to connect with employers. If you’re looking to increase your probability of getting hired, you can also view the site’s list of the top 50 employers that hire HBCU graduates.

2. Diversity.com

A Black-owned small business headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Diversity.com has been a leader in the diversity jobs market since 2000. The site allows you to search by employment type and offers job opportunities all over the United States. The best part? Searching for jobs and posting your resume is completely free.

3. Diversity Job Board

A job search site for people of color, women and people with disabilities, Diversity Job Board allows you to create an online profile, search for jobs by location, industry and experience, and sign up for job alerts. Employers looking for new employees should check out the blog, which offers advice on finding and hiring diverse candidates.

4. People of Color in Tech

If you’re a person of color interested in the technology industry, the People of Color in Tech recruitment platform and online community is the place for you. You’ll find a weekly newsletter on popular technology news, interviews with leading professionals of color and advice on how to increase your marketability in the industry. Prefer to work from the comfort of your home? Explore the dedicated job board for remote technology jobs.

5. Hispanic/Latino Professionals Association (HLPA)

The free to join Hispanic/Latino Professionals Association matches top talent with employers committed to serving the Hispanic and Latino community. You’ll receive access to job and career information, discounts on products and services, and invitations to networking events in your area. Each year, HLPA also offers a list of America’s best places to work for Hispanics and Latinos to highlight quality socially conscious organizations.

6. Noirefy

A diversity recruiting platform, Noirefy connects people of color to successful startups and Fortune 500 companies. Noirefy also supports employer corporate hiring initiatives by aiding with social media content and hosting events to grow the employer’s brand and reputation with minority candidates.

7. Black Career Women’s Network

A comprehensive career development site, Black Career Women’s Network offers access to a free job board, coaching, mentoring and a local community of professional Black women. You can search for jobs by category and everything from contract employment to full-time employment and volunteer opportunities are available.

The Black Career Women’s network also provides Career Smarts 365, an all-inclusive group coaching program for Black women. In addition, you’ll find mentorship opportunities to help teach you about increasing your marketability, job searching and salary negotiation.

8. Jopwell

A career advancement website for Black, Latinx and Native American students and professionals, Jopwell is for all professionals at any level of their career. You can also visit their learning hub, where you’ll find advice on leveraging your skills and other issues relevant to minority candidates.

9. Professional Diversity Network

Professional Diversity Network is a professional association and a job search site. It includes several culturally distinct job boards such as the Asian Career Network and IHISPANO. You can search for jobs and receive job alerts via email. The network also hosts local, national and virtual networking events that allow you to connect with employers.

Before applying to a position on one of these job boards, you’ll want to ensure the company values diversity, inclusion and supports the advancement of minorities. Take an inventory of the company website. Do their photos feature diverse candidates? Does the company have a racial equity or diversity mission statement? Is there a strategic plan that includes diversity hiring targets or goals? Be sure to also check out reviews on Glassdoor or LinkedIn to understand the experiences of past employees.

While job searching can be challenging and time-consuming — there are plenty of specific job boards for people of color. Utilize these resources and you’ll be on your way to finding your dream job.

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Author Dr. Ciera Graham-Graves

Dr. Ciera Graham-Graves

Guest writer Dr. Ciera Graham-Graves has 12 years of experience as a higher education administrator. She enjoys writing on issues pertaining to the challenges impacting women and ethnic minorities in the workplace. She is a past career columnist for the Seattle Times and the Everett Herald, and a current editorial contributor to Career Contessa and Best Colleges. 

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