6 Ways an Enrollment Coach Can Prepare You for Success
6 Ways an Enrollment Coach Can Prepare You for Success

Looking for a program to help you boost your skills or even launch a new career but don’t know where to start? The enrollment coaches at UW Professional & Continuing Education are here for you!

Trained to help assess your readiness and fit for a program and offer support during the application and enrollment process, enrollment coaches work to ensure you get the most out of your education. “One of the most important services we can provide is a listening ear,” says enrollment coach Keely Galbraith. “I want to hear why you’re interested in the program and what your goals are.”

Here are 6 ways an enrollment coach can prepare you for success – whether it’s finding the perfect certificate program or course, getting ready to hit the books or clearing any unexpected hurdles along the way.   

1. Find the Program That’s Right for You  

Maybe you have a specific job in mind or want to learn general industry. An enrollment coach can talk with you about the jobs and companies that appeal to you and what research you’ve already done.  

Your coach also wants to hear about any life circumstances to consider. Do you work full-time? Have kids or elderly parents at home? These circumstances are important for helping you find the ideal program schedule and format for you, like in-person or online. Once the coach has a good picture of your goals and situation, they can recommend programs they think are right for you.  

2. Understand Admission Requirements  

Every program has different requirements for admissions, and an enrollment coach can walk you through them. While many programs have a low barrier to entry, some advanced programs may have educational or professional requirements. 

Depending on your background, you might need to complete a course before you apply. These prerequisites might include an extra math or a programming class to set you up for success. If that’s the case, your enrollment coach can help you explore your course options.  

3. Figure Out How You Might Pay for Your Program 

You found a program you love – now how to pay for it?  An enrollment coach can let you know what options are out there, such as scholarships and other types of payment options.

If your employer might cover program costs, an enrollment coach can help you prepare a cost breakdown you can provide to your employer. If you’re not currently employed, a coach can refer you to programs that qualify for WorkSource benefits so you can possibly get financial assistance to train for an in-demand occupation. 

4. Help You with Your Application  

Ready to dive in and apply? An enrollment coach is standing by. Certificate program applications typically require a resume and a brief letter highlighting your relevant skills and experience. A coach can offer guidance to help you craft a successful application. Once you’re  accepted, a coach can help you develop a plan to register for your courses and keep you aware of upcoming deadlines.   

5. Help You Make a Strong Start 

In education, a strong start is key for long-term success. An enrollment coach can help you prepare for class, so you feel ready on day one.  

For starters, your coach can review study skills and tips for time management. They can also talk you through other strategies for success, such as knowing who you can turn to for support and leveraging what has worked for you in the past when juggling various demands on your time.  

Above all, your coach is your resource and advocate for anything you might need as you get ready to embark, and the amount of communication between you and your coach is always up to you. 

6. Help You Navigate Bumps  

An enrollment coach is just your first connection in your support network at UW Professional & Continuing Education. Once you’re enrolled as a student, you will have access to student support specialists who can help you with any challenges that may arise during your learning journey. These folks can address any concerns or questions you have, provide encouragement during rough patches and talk over the options of deferral or withdrawal if your life circumstances change.   

Student support specialist Karen Duvall says, “We’re your sounding board - somebody who's in your corner who's got your back and keeps you on track. We're helping you stay the course.” 

Connect With an Enrollment Coach 

Ready to talk to an enrollment coach and get your journey started? Visit our Enrollment Coaching page for more information.

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