Refugee & Immigrant Scholarship

Financial assistance for refugees and immigrants

Prep for Professional Success

Gain the skills and credentials you need to build a professional career in the United States with financial assistance toward a UW certificate program or course.

Program Details

Offered by Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA), the financial assistance is part of the Day 1 program, which helps refugees and immigrants with professional backgrounds get retrained and recertified in their previous careers. ReWA is a nationally recognized nonprofit that provides services to help refugee and immigrant women and families thrive.

To help refugees and immigrants gain access to U.S. educational credentials and career opportunities, the Day 1 program offers:

  • Financial assistance toward professional certificate programs or courses
  • Career coaching
  • Case management services


To be considered for the Day 1 program, you must:

  • Be a U.S. immigrant, refugee or asylee
  • Have a work permit
  • Live in the Puget Sound region
  • Have a household income below the 50% income level from the 2023 HUD guidelines (see table below)
  • Have English language proficiency at ESL Level 3 or above
  • Have higher education/university degree from your home country
  • Be motivated to take action towards your professional development

People in Household

Annual Income

1 $47,950
2 $54,800
3 $61,650
4 $68,500
5 $74,000
6 $79,500
7 $84,950
8 $90,450


1. Carefully review the admission requirements for your chosen certificate or course to make sure you qualify.

2. If you have questions about the program or your qualifications, contact us.

3. Send an email to ReWA’s Day 1 program coordinator to request Day 1 program support. Include the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • The name of the UW certificate program you’d like to enroll in
  • Degree, school, and location of school
  • Nationality or birthplace (to be assigned to the appropriate case manager)

​Make sure to send your request at least two months before your chosen program starts to allow enough time for the application and enrollment process. 

4. You’ll get a questionnaire from ReWA to assess your situation and eligibility. Complete and return the questionnaire promptly.

5. If ReWA approves your request, you can start the process of enrolling in the certificate program. Our Enrollment Services team is here to help — email or call 800-506-1325.

ADDITIONAL information

Most — but not all — UW certificate programs and courses are eligible for Day 1 support. When you contact ReWA to request participation in the Day 1 program, the program coordinator will let you know if your chosen program qualifies.

Award decisions are made by ReWA, and all decisions are final.

scholarship details

Award amount: Up to $5,000

application status: Closed

APPLICATION DEADLINE: None; open while funds are available

ReWA logo

Odgerel Ser Od

A Dream Opportunity

“I want to give a big thanks to ReWA for this opportunity to study at my dream university. Graduating from the UW Certificate in Geographic Information Systems program will provide me with the opportunity to start my career in the United States.”

 Odgerel Ser Od, UW Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

Pavel Antonov

Pursuing a passion

“As a young immigrant, I came to the United States with big dreams and aspirations. Despite working multiple jobs, I was barely making ends meet and couldn’t afford to pay for school. Thanks to the kindness and support of the ReWA team and the generosity of their scholarship program, I was finally able to pursue what I was truly passionate about.”

 Pavel Antonov, UW Certificate in Cybersecurity Risk Management

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