Specialization in Digital Badging & Microcredentials

Deliver a Digitized Display of Skill & Achievement


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About this Program

Does your organization help students or employees upskill or reskill? Your institution can issue branded microcredentials and digital badges to help learners highlight their new competencies. Learners can use these alternative credentials to verify their achievements for online resumes and stand out on career sites like LinkedIn. Employers can use microcredentials to find workforce-ready job candidates and to help recognize employee development in the skills-based economy.

In this one-course specialization, you’ll explore the concept of portable, open-source digital badging. You’ll learn to use a digital badging system, design your own badge, and understand how to help learners share the credentials they earn. You’ll also create a plan to implement a microcredential program for your school or enterprise.

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Designed For

Professionals in the fields of e-learning, K-12 and higher education, human resources, and training and development who want to get started using microcredentials.

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Skills You’ll Gain

  • Learning design
  • Needs assessment
  • Program implementation
  • Curriculum evaluation
  • Badge issuer platform

Get Real-World Experience

  • Design achievement and skills-based badges using a leading microcredential platform
  • Create your own plan to implement a digital credential program

digital badge example


After successfully completing this program, you can claim a digital achievement badge that can be shared on LinkedIn and other social media sites. Learn more about digital badges.


Connect with an enrollment coach to learn more about this offering. Or if you need help finding the right certificate, specialization or course for you, reach out to explore your options.

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