Specialization in IoT Embedded Systems Design

Design and Deploy Smart Innovations for the Internet of Things


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  • Location: Online
  • Duration: 11 weeks
  • Cost: $1,585

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January 2025

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About this Program

The fastest-growing area in embedded systems design is the Internet of Things (IoT) — smart devices and physical objects with built-in sensors, equipped to exchange data across cloud computing networks. From home and health to agriculture and business, there are countless ways to boost productivity, safety and efficiency using real-time data from IoT-enabled objects. And, there’s constant demand for engineers with the IoT experience to build them.

In this one-course specialization, you’ll develop your own IoT application. You’ll learn key aspects of the IP-based networking stack and how to solve common problems in embedded systems design. You’ll get hands-on practice with hardware, server platforms and cloud computing as you work toward building a simple yet functional device, embedded with IoT-ready features.

Designed For

Engineers with software development, full-stack or network experience; technical product managers who want practical experience with embedded and IoT technologies; and tech hobbyists who want to create IoT hardware.

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Video Overview

Mikhail Skobov, UW IoT Embedded Systems Design instructor and staff software engineer for Lyft, talks about what to expect in this specialization, who it’s a good fit for and what makes it stand out.

Duration 02:04

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Building an embedded device
  • Cloud computing
  • Integrated development environments
  • Terraform
  • Low-level networking (LTE, TCP/IP, SSL)
  • Application layer protocols (HTTP & MQTT)
  • Real-time operating systems (RTOS)
  • Transport layer security (TLS)

Get Real-World Experience

  • Use a development kit to design and deploy an IoT application on an edge device
  • Understand the IoT design process and learn to use industry libraries, frameworks and tools, including Terraform
  • Practice configuring back-end infrastructure, implementing over-the-air (OTA) updates, and debugging and diagnosing connectivity problems

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Learning Format

Online With Real-Time Meetings

Online With Real-Time Meetings

Combine the convenience of online learning with the immediacy of real-time interaction. You’ll meet with your instructor and classmates at scheduled times over Zoom. Learn More »

Program Sessions

Online With Real-Time Meetings

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