Internet Programming With Python


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Python Programming.

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About this Course

Python has the power and flexibility to run major websites. This versatility allows developers to use Python to create simpler scripts and applications for the web, as well as to perform back-end development on a larger scale.

This course emphasizes network programming and Python Web Frameworks. We’ll explore the underlying principles and their expression in the Python libraries. You’ll discover contrasting approaches in creating applications: programming with the low-level libraries versus using highly integrated frameworks.

What You’ll Learn

  • Ways to use foundational technologies such as sockets and the TCP/IP stack
  • How to apply web protocols, including SMTP, IMAP and HTTP
  • Methods for practicing the request response cycle, such as CGI and WSGI
  • Techniques for web scraping and applying APIs using Beautiful Soup and REST
  • Important Python-based web frameworks like Flask and Django
  • Using MicroPython with Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Get Hands-On Experience

You’ll develop an in-class project and deploy it to a cloud platform.

Program Overview

This course is part of the Certificate in Python Programming.

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