Strategic Storytelling: Creating Compelling Content


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Storytelling & Content Strategy.

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About this Course

We’re constantly pummeled with messages every day, from every direction and on every platform. The struggle to be heard is fierce but being heard is no longer enough — successful engagement requires relevant content, strategic listening and dynamic conversation.

In this course, we'll consider what it means to engage people through the creation of compelling content. The class will draw learnings from the foundations of storytelling in the “oral tradition” through modern media and brand case studies. We’ll explore the impact of voice and tone, authenticity, empathetic listening, media platforms, user data and research. You’ll discover how to build a robust strategy for messaging that engages audiences, activates involvement and turn it toward strategic results.

what you'll learn

  • The strategic imperative of storytelling in the digital age
  • Techniques for informing and defining a compelling story to promote an organization or brand
  • Methods for using data and user research to define strategy and drive content execution
  • How to apply the tools of voice, tone and authenticity to storytelling
  • Various platforms (e.g., company website, social media channels) and what the analytics reveal about consumer and user behavior 
  • How to use engagement measures to understand, modify and shape the user experience
  • The role of AI in storytelling, content strategy and communications
  • Best practices for content development in professional settings to improve KPIs


You'll critique web content for brand alignment impact. 

Program Overview

This course is part of the Certificate in Storytelling & Content Strategy.

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