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Types of UWPCE Programs

UW Professional & Continuing Education offers a wide array of programs to help you meet your professional and personal goals. Whether you want to take a single course, focus on a specialization, earn a certificate or pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree — we have a program for you.  

Our programs are designed with working adults in mind, with convenient evening, weekend and online options. You can choose from a variety of locations and learning formats, including classroom programs at the UW Seattle campus, downtown Seattle or UW Bothell; online real-time and online asychronous options; and blended formats. 

Find a program that suits your schedule, learning style and location.

Certificate Programs

A certificate program is a series of  courses that allows you to explore a subject in depth and earn a respected credential. Certificate programs are quicker to complete and less expensive than a degree program. Instructors are experienced professionals in the field and bring valuable, real-world knowledge to the classroom. Explore our certificate programs

  • 1-3 courses
  • 90+ hours of class
  • 6-9 months in length
  • Credential: Certificate of completion


A specialization helps you take a deeper dive into a specific topic or aspect of a field. Specializations allow you to upskill in a rapidly changing discipline or target an area of knowledge that is particularly vital for your industry. Explore our specializations.

  • 1-2 courses
  • 35+ hours of class
  • 3-6 months in length
  • Credential: Certificate of completion


Taking a course from the UW is a great way to explore a new interest or deepen your knowledge of a particular topic, whether you want to further your career or pursue personal growth. Choose a course  and embark on a new learning adventure. Check out our courses.

  • <30 hours of class

Degree Programs

An undergraduate or graduate degree from the UW can open up new doors and boundless possibilities. You’ll have the opportunity to study with world-class faculty, motivated peers and a cutting-edge curriculum. While a degree program is a serious commitment of time and resources, it also sets you apart and can help you take your career—and your life — to a whole new level. Explore our degree programs.

Programs vary widely in number of course hours, time commitment and overall length, depending on the type of degree.

Online Programs

With online learning, you can complete a UW course, specialization, certificate program or degree no matter where you live. Many of our programs have online options, allowing you to participate from wherever you have reliable internet access. Keep learning at the UW, even when you can’t be at the UW. Explore our online programs.

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