How to Manage Your Career Development
How to Manage Your Career Development

Think managing your career trajectory is only done while looking for a job? Think again. Whether you want to uncover your dream job or identify what keeps you from becoming an executive, it’s important to think strategically about your skills and goals.

Look at the different aspects of career development and tips on how to boost your career with these four recorded webinars. Veteran career coaches, Matt Youngquist and Kathryn Saxer, share tactics on exploring your next job, maximizing your role in your current organization, networking and building your personal brand.

1. Strategies to Explore Your Next Career

If you’re like many professionals, you might feel unfulfilled in your current career path or wondering if it might be time for a meaningful change. But how do you go about exploring practical new options or figuring out what other job avenues might be the best fit?

In this recorded online training, career coach Matt Youngquist of Career Horizons will be sharing a variety of methods, resources and approaches to exploring a strategic career pivot and brainstorming possible new options for yourself.

Strategies to Explore Your Next Career Zoom Event Recording

Learn how to make yourself attractive for your next role as well as new methodologies for pivoting your career.


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2. Maximize Your Career in Your Current Organization

Feeling stuck in your role, and dreaming of finding a job at a new company? Remember the best way to grow your career is often within your current organization since you already have your foot in the door.

Check out this recorded webinar with career coach Kathryn Saxer, as she highlights both common career errors and a myriad of overlooked chances to grow. Discover how to maximize your role by working with other teams, learning new skills, building connections with colleagues, developing mentors, managing up and more. 

Maximize Your Career in Your Current Organization Zoom Event Recording

Discover many ways to shine in your current job, such as learning new skills and building connections.


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3. How to Network When You’re Not Networking

Say the word “networking” to a large group of people and you’re likely to elicit groans out of half of them and visions of elevator pitches or small talk in others. While networking means something different to almost everyone, it doesn’t have to feel forced or only be something you do when making a career change.

In this recorded webinar, leadership coach Kathryn Saxer will walk you through career and luck management, show you how to expand your way of thinking about networking and teach you how to find an authentic approach to networking.

How to Network When You're Not Networking Zoom Event Recording

Expand your way of thinking about networking and shift to an authentic approach.


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4. How to Build Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand isn’t just relevant to executives, celebrities and freelancers, it is something all professionals should think about. Explore how to differentiate yourself in your field using personal branding techniques such as LinkedIn profile copywriting, public speaking, writing, thought leadership and association involvement with tips from career coach Matt Youngquist of Career Horizons in this recorded online training session. You’ll learn a variety of ways to enhance your personal brand and set yourself apart from the crowd!

How to Build Your Personal Brand Zoom Event Recording

Focus on how to differentiate yourself in your field to build your personal brand.


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