Certificate in GPU-Accelerated Computing & Visualization

Extract Useful Information From Endless Amounts of Data


Program Details

  • Location: Online
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Cost: $12,504 (estimated)

Next start date:

September 25, 2024

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About this Program

In today’s cloud‐connected world, where terabytes of data are available at our fingers, a graphics processing unit, or GPU, can help extract meaningful insight from this endless stream of information. GPUs process many pieces of data simultaneously, making them useful tools for many disciplines, including engineering.

In this three-course program, you’ll learn how to use GPU computing and scientific visualization to reshape and re-envision engineering applications. You’ll study and apply the theories, skills and techniques needed to develop GPU software. 

Designed For

Professionals in science, engineering and software industries and graduate students in STEM disciplines interested in developing their skills in optimized parallel GPU software design and programming.

Earn Credit Toward Your Master's Degree

By completing this certificate program, you can earn up to 12 credits toward degree requirements should you later be accepted into the Professional Master’s Program (Master of Science in Electrical Engineering). To use these credits, you must obtain graduate non-matriculated status before you register for the first course of the program.

Learn More

This certificate program is offered by the UW Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Visit the UW ECE website for more information. 

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