Certificate in Writing

Write With Confidence, Clarity and Style


Program Details

  • Location: UW Seattle
  • Duration: Varies
  • Times: Evenings
  • Cost: $400 – $890 (per course)

Next start date:

January 2018

About this Program

Note: This program replaces our certificate programs in Advanced Fiction Writing, Literary Fiction Writing, Memoir Writing, Nonfiction Writing, Popular Fiction Writing, Screenwriting, and Writing for Children.

Crisp, engaging writing always stands out, delivering meaning and capturing the attention and imagination of any reader. Whether you’re looking to hone your overall writing chops or focus on a particular type of writing, we offer a wide variety of courses to help you sharpen your skills and accomplish your goals.

Our flexible Certificate in Writing program allows you to personalize your experience and select courses that match your area of interest. Course categories include fiction, nonfiction, memoir, screenwriting, publishing and children's literature.

Designed For

Current and aspiring writers who want to develop their craft.

What You’ll Learn

The individual skills and knowledge you’ll gain from this program depends on the courses you choose. These can include:

  • Techniques for creating vivid characters and scenes
  • Developing your own voice and style
  • Word choice, imagery, rhythm and cadence
  • Elements of story that hook the reader
  • Insights on getting your work published

Get Hands-On Experience

You’ll craft at least one manuscript or piece of writing that you can submit for publication or other formal use.

earn your certificate

  • Start the program in any quarter. 
  • Register for each course individually. You can take more than one course in the same quarter.
  • To earn the certificate, complete the equivalent of three full-quarter courses — nine continuing education units (CEUs) — in two years or less. (Certificate Request Form)


  CEUs Course Offered
Courses   Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018
The Art of Writing 3    
Fiction Writing: Craft 1.5    
Fiction Writing: The Novel 3    
Fiction Writing: Character 3    
Popular Fiction Writing 1.5      
Memoir Writing: Finding Your Story 1.5    
Memoir Writing: Structuring Your Story 3    
Nonfiction Writing: Craft 1.5    
Nonfiction Writing: Story 3      
Writing & Publishing the Personal Essay 3    
Writing Children's Literature: Overview 3      
Writing Children's Literature: Revision 3      
Writing Children's Literature: Picture Books 3    
Screenwriting: Storytelling 3    
Screenwriting: Character & Plot 3    
Screenwriting: Completing Your Script 3    
Publishing Your Writing 3    
Writing: Manuscript Consultation 3

Program Overview

To earn the Certificate in Writing, you need to complete the equivalent of three full-quarter courses (nine continuing education units) in two years or less.


You should register for all courses individually; there is no application process for the certificate program.