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  • Location: Online
  • Duration: 7 weeks
  • Times: Evenings
  • Cost : $949

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April 10, 2024

This course is part of a certificate program. You can also take it without enrolling in the program.

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About this Course

Documents are the currency for exchanging ideas in all industries around the world. All companies — large and small — rely on reports, proposals, research papers and narratives to share ideas, articulate vision and strategy, communicate plans and lead change. Knowing how to write well is an essential skill for anyone who wants to excel in the workplace.

In this course, you’ll learn what constitutes good business writing and how to write effective documents that are clear and concise. We’ll explore various kinds of business documents and focus on the importance of structure and writing to different audiences. Drawing on reader science, you’ll learn how to write persuasively and make your documents intuitive and readable without simplifying your ideas to the point of losing pertinent details. You’ll also receive instruction and coaching on how to build and use rubrics and learn tools for effective editing.


Technical and nontechnical professionals in any field who want to advance their career using well-researched and well-written narratives, proposals and reports.

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  • How to choose the right structure and style for your document
  • How to design and organize content with your audience in mind
  • Best practices for clear, concise and effective writing and editing
  • Tips for when and when not to use visual elements such as analytics, graphics and white space to enhance readability
  • How to develop and identify voice and tone in your and your colleagues’ writing


  • Prepare detailed business documents with the help of colleagues in a writers room environment
  • Write business documents with a group under the same time constraints found in current business climates
  • Learn how professional writers create and edit documents with an eye toward accuracy under tight deadlines

Program Overview

To earn the Certificate in Writing, complete any three courses in two years or less.


You should register for all courses individually; there is no application process for the certificate program.

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Online With Real-Time Meetings

Online With Real-Time Meetings

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Course Sessions

Online With Real-Time Meetings


Meet your instructor

JD Wallace

Owner and Instructor, Master of the Story


You'll earn 2.4 continuing education units (CEUs) for successfully completing this course. Learn more about noncredit options.

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