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Drops, Withdrawals & Refunds

The information below pertains to UWPCE certificate programs and courses. For drop and refund information for fee-based degree courses, see the Registration for Fee-Based Degree Students website.

Dropping a Course

All requests to drop a course must be submitted in writing to Registration Services. Send your request by email at or by fax at 206-685-9359. You cannot drop a course by phone. Requests should include your name, student ID number and course name.

If you fail to attend class, or only tell the instructor that you want to drop the course, you have not officially dropped it. Unless you officially withdraw, an unsuccessful completion (USC) will be entered on your UWPCE official record (for a noncredit course) or a 0.0 on your UW transcript (for a credit course).

If you're thinking about dropping a course, our Enrollment Services team is available to discuss your options with you. Email us at

Withdrawing from a Certificate

To completely withdraw from a certificate, send your request by email to Dropping a class does not withdraw you from a certificate.

If you’re considering withdrawing from a certificate program, we encourage you to email the Enrollment Services team at to discuss your options. You may be able to defer to the following program offering and complete the certificate provided you meet an approved set of deferral criteria. Learn about our deferral policy

Refund Policies & Deadlines

Refund policies and deadlines vary depending on the course type.

certificate program & Single Courses (except self-paced)

To receive a full refund, minus the nonrefundable registration fee, you must drop a certificate program or single course no later than one business day before the first class. To receive a 75% refund, minus the registration fee, you must drop the course within eight calendar days of the first class. There are no refunds after this date.

Self-Paced certificate Program courses

Self-paced certificate programs have their own refund policy. To receive a full refund, minus the nonrefundable registration fee, you must drop a self-paced course no later than eight calendar days after you've registered. 

self-paced (Quarterly Start) Courses

Self-paced (quarterly start) courses are online credit courses that must be started and completed within the same academic quarter. To receive a full refund, minus the nonrefundable registration fee, you must drop the course within the first seven calendar days of the quarter. To receive a 50% refund, minus the registration fee, you must drop the course within the first 30 calendar days of the quarter. 

Hardship withdrawal & former quarter drop petitions

Hardship Withdrawal (noncredit courses only)

If you can’t complete a noncredit course because of extenuating circumstances beyond your control, and the drop deadline has passed, you may petition for hardship withdrawal. If hardship withdrawal is approved, you’ll get a W for the course on your UWPCE official record. To inquire about hardship withdrawal, contact Registration Services at


If you were unable to complete a credit course in a previous quarter because of extenuating circumstances beyond your control, you can submit a petition for a Former Quarter Drop (formerly known as a Hardship Withdrawal Petition).  

If the petition is approved, you’ll get a grade of RD (Registrar Drop) on your UW transcript for that course — or HW (Hardship Withdrawal) for courses taken Winter Quarter 2020 or earlier.

To apply for Former Quarter Drop, fill out a petition here (UW NetID required). Make sure to choose “Continuum College” as your campus. Learn more about UW’s Former Quarter Drop process.   


If you are a self-paced student and you can’t complete your course on time because of physical or mental debilitation or other circumstances beyond your control, you can petition for a hardship extension. With the hardship extension, you can request up to four months more to complete your course.

To inquire about a hardship extension, contact Registration Services at

If your hardship extension is approved, the approved amount of time will be added to the expiration date of your course. You can apply for a hardship extension only once per self-paced program. You must apply at least two weeks prior to your course expiration date and inform your instructor by email that you have requested an extension.

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