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Algorithms & Data Structures


Course Details

About this Course

Algorithms and data structures are the essential frameworks for solving almost any computer engineering problem. You need a fundamental grasp of these tools to help you understand how computers and programming languages work, their relative strengths and weaknesses and what makes a specific solution the optimal one. Once you know the basics, you’ll discover how to choose the right approach to a problem and forge an effective solution.

In this course, you’ll examine, create, compare and test the major types of algorithms and data structures. Learn to think like a computer scientist, and take an engineering approach to solving complex problems.

This course is for experienced programmers and doesn’t teach any programming. It is language-agnostic, but coursework is in Python or C#.

What You'll Learn

  • Number base systems
  • Recursion
  • Approaches for sorting algorithms and Big O analysis
  • Techniques for using arrays and dynamic arrays, lists and stacks and queues, and hash tables and binary trees, heaps, priority queues, and graphs

Get Hands-On Experience 

  • Build data structures from scratch
  • Create and implement algorithms from scratch
  • Practice common job interview problems

Program Overview

This course is part of the Certificate in Software Development & Design Essentials.

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