Introduction & Static Analysis of Commercial Real Estate


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Commercial Real Estate.

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About this Course

Examine the nature of commercial real estate as an interdisciplinary field. Reviews trends in commercial development, commercial property vocabulary, static analysis skills for the four principal property types and develop principles of leasing and income maximization. Explore specific property management techniques by property type and study permanent loan underwriting and financing/refinancing techniques. Review the marketing and sales of existing properties with the help of active market participants and guests.

Topics include:

  • Historical review of U.S. urban/suburban commercial real estate
  • Trends and patterns of U.S. urban/suburban commercial real estate.
  • Principles of real estate economics, capitalization and value creation (financial calculator needs to be acquired and brought to class)
  • Property management, operations and leasing practices
  • Financing and refinancing options for improved properties considering underwriting standards and market conditions
  • Marketing and sales of improved properties
  • Special use properties affordable and senior housing, condominiums, hotels and mixed-use properties, public-use buildings and public/private partnerships