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Applying to a Certificate Program or Specialization

Most UWPCE certificate programs and specializations require an application, including a nonrefundable application fee.

When a program is open for applications, instructions on how to apply can be found on the certificate or specialization page.

Application Deadlines 

When applications are open, you can find the application deadline in the Apply section of the certificate or specialization page. 

In general, applications are accepted until two weeks before the first class meeting, or the program fills, whichever comes first. A few programs may have an earlier deadline.


The majority of certificate programs and specializations have a rolling application process, which means that applications are reviewed in the order they’re received. You’ll be notified if you’ve been accepted, waitlisted or not accepted within two weeks of submitting your application.  

Some programs have a single application review. In that case, applications are reviewed all at once after the application deadline. 

If you apply to a self-paced program, you’ll be notified of a decision within seven business days of applying.  

Waitlist Status

When a certificate program or specialization is waitlisted, you can still submit your application. We place a limited number of students on the waitlist, and we’ll contact you if a space becomes available. If you’re on a waitlist and aren’t offered a spot in the program, you’ll have the chance to defer your enrollment to the next offering.

Closed Status

When a certificate program or specialization is closed, it means that the program is full or already underway. In some cases,  you may still be able to enroll in an individual course without being accepted to the program. Check the course page to see if the course is open for applications.

In Development Status

A program that’s in development will open for applications soon. Fill out a enrollment coaching form to find out more about a specific program, or subscribe to the UWPCE email list at the bottom of this page to get general program news and updates. 

Late Applications

Some programs may accept late applications after the posted due date. Contact Enrollment Services at or 800-506-1325 to see if you can still apply. 

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