Find the Right Creative Writing Courses for You
Find the Right Creative Writing Courses for You

As the prolific novelist and screenwriter Elmore Leonard said, “If it sounds like writing, rewrite it.” The good news is you can learn how to make the words you write come alive so that they capture your reader’s attention and imagination.

The UW Certificate in Writing will give you tips and techniques for hooking your reader from the first sentence and offer insights on getting your work published. And with numerous courses to choose from, you can customize the curriculum to fit your writing ambitions.

Mix and Match Your Courses 

The flexible Certificate in Writing program allows you to select the courses that match your area of interest. You can take more than one course a quarter, and after you’ve completed three courses in any order within two consecutive years, you’ll earn your certificate.

Fiction Writing

Want to be a novelist? Stack these courses to earn a writing certificate that focuses on fiction writing:

Fiction Writing: The Novel (starts Jan. 9, 2024)
Fiction Writing: Character (starts April 2, 2024)
Writing Children’s Literature: Picture Books (starts March 27, 2024)


Got your eye on the big screen? Take these courses to earn a writing certificate with an emphasis on screenwriting: 

Screenwriting: Character & Plot (starts Jan. 10, 2024)
Screenwriting: Completing Your Script (starts March 25, 2024)

Memoir Writing 

If you want to share your personal story, take our memoir-focused track: 

Memoir Writing: Structuring Your Story (starts Jan. 10, 2024)
Women’s Personal Essay Writing: A Workshop (starts Jan. 10, 2024)

Professional Writing 

Choose courses that will give you a solid foundation for professional purposes: 

The Art of Writing (starts April 4, 2024)
Business Writing: Reports, Proposals & Documents (starts March 28, 2024)
Foundations of UX Writing (starts Jan. 11, 2024, or March 28, 2024)
Self-Publishing: Bringing Your Book to Market (starts April 1, 2024)

Keep Learning at the UW

If you’re interested in other writing and editing programs offered by UW Professional & Continuing Education, check out these related certificates, specializations and courses: 

Certificate in Professional Technical Writing
Certificate in Editing
Certificate in Storytelling & Content Strategy
Specialization in Developmental Editing
Specialization in Grant Writing & Management Strategies
Specialization in Medical Writing
Proofreading Essentials

For more career tips and industry trends, visit the News & Features section of our website, and subscribe to our email list. To learn more about UW Professional & Continuing Education certificates, specializations, degrees and courses, explore your options or contact us.

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