Applications in Wetland Science & Management


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Wetland Science & Management.

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About this Course

This year-long course will introduce you to professional applications of wetland science and management, and will teach you how to synthesize information from all five courses of the certificate program. The course involves a student-designed research project (the practicum) throughout the autumn and winter quarters, as well as a technical report and presentation in the spring quarter.

For this practicum, you’ll characterize a wetland site and then design and implement a research project at that same site. You’ll be paired with a wetland professional who’ll provide guidance throughout the process. You'll get more in-depth exposure to an aspect of wetland science (e.g., hydrodynamics, land use history, fish or wildlife use, restoration design, functional assessment) while addressing a research question that can relate to basic wetland science or have a more applied management emphasis.


  • How to research a study topic, collect data in the field, analyze the findings, and present the information clearly and concisely in a written document and oral presentation
  • An in-depth understanding of a specific topic related to wetland science
  • How to prepare a technical document that can be used as a writing sample for students pursuing a career in wetland science


Program Overview

This course is part of the Certificate in Wetland Science & Management.

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