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Identification & Delineation


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Wetland Science & Management.

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About this Course

This course focuses on methods for wetland identification and delineation through a combination of lectures and field exercises. Students are required to write a wetland delineation report and pass a wetland delineation field exam.


  • Field methods for wetland delineation using the 1987 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual and the 2010 Regional Supplement (Western Mountains, Valleys and Coast Region)
  • Hydric soil formation and soil chemistry and field interpretation of soil indicators
  • Wetland plant indicators and vegetation sampling techniques
  • Hydrologic indicators and hydrology monitoring techniques
  • Techniques for wetland delineation in atypical/problem situations


  • Practice wetland functional assessment and boundary determination procedures
  • Fill out the wetland rating form using the Wetland Rating System for Western Washington
  • Prepare a professional, scientifically defensible wetland delineation report using appropriate assessment tools

Program Overview

This course is part of the Certificate in Wetland Science & Management.

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