Applied Editing & Practicum


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Editing.

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About this Course

What does it take to go from raw manuscript to finished editorial product? In this course you’ll practice building an effective relationship with a writer and/or editing professional and learn the business of editing from start to finish.

Gain the skills needed for developmental, structural, substantive and line editing with a range of media both in print and online. You’ll work through practical examples from a wide range of materials — magazines, news articles, websites, academic journals, short stories, books (novels to general nonfiction) and more. Guest speakers discuss the editorial and publishing environment and the pressures of working with variable deadlines and a wide range of writers.

The course also covers identifying audience, the writer’s voice and structural problems, as well as reorganizing, revising and researching or writing new content. Students will gain practice in techniques for communicating with authors, other editors and publication staff. We’ll also explore networking strategies for obtaining editing work.

The course includes a Corporate Communications for Editors Workshop, which is required for successful completion.

What You’ll Learn

  • Story structures from expository to narrative fiction and nonfiction
  • Best practices in file management, transparent editing and workflow
  • Issues of audience, tone, word choice and jargon
  • Opportunities in e-books and self-publishing
  • Career-building tools and skills

Get Hands-On Experience

You’ll complete a class editing project to work with a writer from proposal to final edited manuscript.

Program Overview

This course is part of the Certificate in Editing.