Business Strategy Evaluation & Managing Disruptions


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Business Strategy & Decision-Making.

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About this Course

What do you do when unexpected events require you to change your strategy or develop new goals? What’s the best approach to learn from past failures or to respond to big changes to maximize your likelihood of success?  

In this course, you’ll work through several simulations to practice crisis management and learn how to adjust when faced with longer-term business disruptions. You’ll learn how to conduct an analysis to inform future planning and make recommendations to increase organizational effectiveness and resilience.  

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to respond to unexpected change, spanning short- and long-term incident response management, including decision-making, execution, communication and post-mortem analysis 
  • How to evaluate and revise existing priorities, strategies and plans based on new information 
  • Best practices for increasing organizational resilience to future change to achieve strategic priorities 

Get Hands-On Experience  

  • Participate in crisis management simulations 
  • Develop a year-two revised strategic plan

Program Overview

This course is part of the Certificate in Business Strategy & Decision-Making.

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