Data Engineering Capstone


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Big Data Technologies.

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About this Course

In this capstone course, you'll get a chance to apply the latest data engineering approaches through completion of a hands-on data engineering project. You'll analyze and explore solutions to complex problems commonly found in the real-life application of Apache Spark’s data processing ecosystem — problems that require comprehensive and specialized knowledge, and where basic techniques would be suboptimal.


  • How to design and implement a data lake for a multichannel retail organization in Azure Data Lake and Azure Databricks using a multi-hop, medallion architecture
  • Ways to efficiently and performantly ingest, transform and land big data workloads using Apache Spark
  • How to build a feature data set for a machine learning model
  • Diagnosis and tuning of common performance pitfalls in Spark jobs
  • How to design, orchestrate and curate data sets based on business requirements


  • Explore and transform semi-structured data sets at real scale in Azure Databricks using Apache Spark
  • Write Airflow DAGs to orchestrate common data pipeline operations
  • Use open-source Delta Lake to manage your data storage and perform common DDL operations

Program Overview

This course is part of the Certificate in Big Data Technologies.

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