GIS in Practice in the Pacific Northwest


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Geographic Information Systems.

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About this Course

This course explores the range of professions that use GIS through presentations of GIS applications in the Pacific Northwest and especially the Puget Sound region. We'll examine real-world issues faced by GIS professionals in fields such as natural resource management, marketing, real estate, urban planning, public safety, utility operations, mass transit support and disaster management. The hands-on sessions are designed to help you understand and realize the goal of GIS project completion and presentation. Project teams receive instruction and coaching on visualization, analytical summaries and report generation. We’ll also cover career development and job search strategies for those seeking to enter the field or advance in their career.

What You'll Learn

  • How to use GIS tools and apply software development approaches and project management techniques 
  • Insights from GIS professionals as they present how they use and manage spatial data 
  • Practical project skills, including experience of the various roles involved in the typical GIS project 
  • Opportunities and scope of the local GIS profession, including jobs, roles and required skills 
  • How to develop and implement a capstone group project and deliver the results in a structured presentation 
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