GIS Project Planning & Implementation


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Geographic Information Systems.

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About this Course

This course will concentrate on the professional methods and principles used in planning, funding, implementing and maintaining GIS analysis tools, applications, databases and entire GIS systems. Lectures focus on GIS project management, metadata documentation, impact of the internet and web on geographic information, operational aspects of GIS implementation and management case studies. You’ll examine project team formation and GIS project development and design, including specifying needs and defining project scope and data requirements. We’ll also cover selection and procurement of tools, project estimating, development of project proposals, planning, budgeting, tracking and reporting, skill development and operation of the GIS team.

What You'll Learn

  • A GIS project management framework for planning, designing and implementing GIS information technology projects and systems
  • Business drivers for GIS solutions
  • How to choose the right GIS
  • Key implementation issues, including why GIS projects fail or succeed, pitfalls to avoid and tips for success
  • Roles of staff members in a GIS project
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