Introduction to Law & Legal Practice


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Paralegal Studies.

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The American legal system is extremely large and complex. In this course, we’ll give you a broad overview of this system — how it functions and the specific roles of judges, juries, paralegals and attorneys within it. You’ll explore how the rights of citizens are enforced through courts and legal procedures. And you’ll get a fundamental introduction to the wide variety of topics covered throughout the certificate program.


  • The modern and historical sources of American law
  • Procedural and substantive distinctions between the federal and state court systems
  • Key concepts of jurisdiction and venue
  • The basic structure of a lawsuit from complaint to resolution 
  • How to draft basic pleadings, identify available remedies and include appropriate defenses and responses


  • Practice briefing cases
  • Prepare a memorandum to summarize the key components of a client's legal issue and apply the appropriate law to devise a course of action
  • Draft pleadings 

Program Overview

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