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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Paralegal Studies.

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About this Course

The world of litigation is fast paced, complex and exciting. In this course, you’ll learn about two major types of litigation that paralegals are likely to encounter in general practice law firms: criminal law and family law.

We’ll cover criminal law fundamentals and criminal law courtroom procedure as it applies to adults, as well as juvenile law as it applies to youthful offenders. You’ll learn how to identify conduct that falls into various categories of crime and how to draft a persuasive criminal law memorandum.  We’ll also explore major aspects of family law, including the fundamentals of marriage, dissolution, parenting, spousal support (maintenance), child custody and property distribution.

What You’ll Learn

  • Key sources for criminal codes and how to summarize the various sources of misdemeanor felony and federal criminal laws
  • Aspects of the law that apply to the differences between a formal marriage, an informal marriage and the factors required for a valid marriage
  • The different types of governmental intrusions on the right to marry
  • Important legal issues and procedures pertaining to annulments and divorce/dissolution cases
  • How to draft a comprehensive parenting plan, including issues of custody, support and schedules 

Program Overview

Complete the courses listed below to earn the certificate. The number of courses offered each quarter varies depending on how many quarters the program covers. See below for details.

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