12 Things You Can Learn to Do in 12 Weeks (or Less)
12 Things You Can Learn to Do in 12 Weeks (or Less)

Life is short. If you’re a working adult looking to skill up, you might not have the bandwidth for a long-term educational commitment.

If that sounds like you, then we’ve got great news: 12 courses and specializations offered by UW Professional & Continuing Education (UWPCE) that allow you to acquire valuable job skills in about three months. Use these newfound skills to boost your current career or as a springboard to chart a new professional path.

Here are 12 things you can learn to do in 12 weeks or less! What are you waiting for?       

1. Write a Documentary Film Script

Are you a budding filmmaker? The UW Specialization in Documentary Storytelling is a unique offering taught by longtime documentary filmmakers and producers Maria Gargiulo and James Forsher. Complete this specialization and you’ll emerge with a finished draft of your own documentary film script, as well as a ton of knowledge about how quality documentaries are made. [11 weeks]

2. Develop a UX writing portfolio

UX writers are the pros behind the words that make websites and apps easy to use and navigate. In the Foundations of UX Writing course, you’ll learn how to write copy that creates a great user experience. Walk away with a variety of samples — from design documents to wireframes — that you can use to build your own job-ready UX writing portfolio. [9 weeks]

3. Create a Regulatory Document

Clinical trials and other regulatory processes in the medical field must be clearly documented, which has created a booming market for professionals with the skills to produce these deliverables. In the UW Specialization in Medical Writing, you’ll develop a variety of different regulatory documents to add to your professional portfolio. [11 weeks]

4. Construct a database

A relational database is a key tool in modern data management, allowing for a structured approach to organizing data. In the Foundations of Databases & SQL Programming course, you’ll build your own relational database using Structured Query Language (SQL) programming techniques. [9 weeks]

5. Develop an IoT application

Everything seems to be “smart” these days — from smart appliances to smart homes and smart cars, all part of the Internet of Things. Want to get in on the IoT revolution? You can create and deploy your own IoT application that interfaces with smart devices in the UW Specialization in IoT Embedded Systems Design. [11 weeks]

6. Edit a manuscript

Does helping writers realize their vision sound like a fun creative challenge? Then we’ve got a program for you. In the UW Specialization in Developmental Editing, you’ll provide big-picture guidance and insights for an unpublished manuscript from a real author. [11-12 weeks]

7. Manage a project

Project management is a key element of many jobs in just about every company and organization hiring today. In the Foundations of Project Management course, you’ll learn project management fundamentals, then guide a sample project using best practices rooted in data and metrics. [4 weeks]

8. Write a grant proposal

Grant writing is a valuable skill — many nonprofits rely on grant funding to support their work. In our UW Specialization in Grant Writing & Management Strategies, you’ll practice key techniques for successful grant writing and leave with a completed grant proposal. [12 weeks]

9. Prototype your video game idea

Take the UW Specialization in Game Prototyping With Unity and you’ll create a 2D prototype (working model) of an arcade-style game with multiple levels — including a “boss level” — that’s ready to be published on streaming platforms. You’ll also get expert feedback from industry veterans! [9 weeks]

10. Make a podcast

Podcasts are exploding in popularity. Join the movement! In the UW Specialization in Podcasting & Audio Storytelling you’ll work with professional scriptwriters to produce an original, eight-minute podcast episode from start to finish. [12 weeks]

11. Perform an SEO audit

If your product, business or organization doesn’t rank highly in search, you might as well be invisible. Learn to drive search engine optimization improvements in the UW Specialization in SEO. You’ll conduct a SEO audit using various tools, then develop and present a strategy to maximize the reach of your web presence. [12 weeks]

12. Craft a personal essay (or two)

Do you have a story to tell? In our workshop on Women's Personal Essay Writing, you’ll learn what makes for a great personal essay and then produce not one but two pieces ready to pitch to publishers. [9 weeks]

Keep Learning

Looking for other things that you can learn in 12 weeks — or more? We offer a wide range of programs to fit just about anyone’s schedule.

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Author David Hirning

David Hirning

David Hirning is an accomplished writer and editor with extensive experience in both tech and higher education. He began his career in journalism, then spent over a decade as an editor at Microsoft, where he worked on Encarta Encyclopedia and related reference products.

David worked for six years as a full-time writer and content manager at UW Professional & Continuing Education. He also operated his own editorial consulting business, with stints at leading companies like Amazon and Expedia, and taught English for two years in Costa Rica.

David has served as an instructor for the UW Certificate in Editing program and as a teaching assistant for the UW Certificate in Storytelling & Content Strategy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Stanford University and a Certificate in Literary Fiction from the UW.

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