6 Non-Tech Jobs in Seattle That Pay $100K+
6 Non-Tech Jobs in Seattle That Pay $100K+

If you think you need to earn a computer engineering degree or work in the tech sector to land a well-paying job in Seattle, think again.

While the city is certainly well-known for its highly paid tech employees, Seattle has numerous other well-paying positions in a variety of fields outside of the tech industry. Using national data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and regional data from labor market analytics firm Lightcast, we’ve identified the following popular and high-paying jobs in Seattle — no coding skills required.

1. Marketing Managers

    Median Annual Salary

Nationally: $141,490
Seattle region: $159,380

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; Lightcast, 2021

What They Do: Marketing managers spearhead marketing strategy, oversee budgets and staff, and collaborate across teams to execute marketing plans.

Skills Needed: Analytical skills to assess industry trends and determine strategies. Storytelling skills to create emotion and connection to a brand. Communication and organizational skills to work effectively with teams and inspire staff. 

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Job Outlook: Demand for marketing managers is hot in Seattle. The field is expected to grow 20% — double the national average of 10% — between 2020 and 2030, according to Lightcast.

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2. Human Resources Managers 

    Median Annual Salary

Nationally: $121,220
Seattle region: $138,310

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; Lightcast, 2021

What They Do: HR managers handle employee relations, regulatory compliance and employee-related services such as payroll, benefits and training. They also have an important role in implementing business strategy.

Skills Needed: Excellent communication and relationship-building skills to serve as the crucial link between an organization’s management and its staff and prospective employees. Analytical skills to develop and assess key HR metrics, including recruitment, engagement and retention, and employee performance. Project management skills to direct regulatory and administrative responsibilities.

Job Outlook: The Seattle HR market is expected to see 9% growth in the coming decade, according to Lightcast, which is in line with the national average.

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Become an HR Manager: The following UW programs can help you land the job:

3. Fundraising Managers

    Median Annual Salary

Nationally: $118,430
Seattle region: $134,090

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; Lightcast, 2021

What They Do: Fundraising managers develop and lead an organization’s philanthropic strategy. They oversee fundraising campaigns and events, identify and meet with potential donors, and write grant proposals and donor letters.

Skills Needed: Strategic thinking skills to develop and implement fundraising initiatives. Communication and relationship-building skills to connect with partners and donors, and inspire them to support the mission. Writing skills to compose grant proposals, revenue reports, fundraising appeals and personal donor correspondence.

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Job Outlook: As the economy continues to recover, the job market for fundraising mangers is expected to see faster-than-average growth — 8% in Seattle, per Lightcast, and 13% nationally — over the next decade.

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4. Health Services Managers

    Median Annual Salary

Nationally: $104,280
Seattle region: $125,910

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; Lightcast, 2021

What They Do: Medical and health services managers, also called health care administrators, are responsible for many of the operational functions of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other health care providers.

Skills Needed: Quality assurance and control to ensure the safety and efficacy of facility operations. Business acumen and financial management skills to oversee budgeting, accounting and billing, and to strategize for future growth. Strategic thinking skills to analyze and adapt to new health care laws and regulations.

Job Outlook: As the large and aging baby-boomer population remains active later in life and requires more medical services, jobs for health services managers are projected to see significant growth — 32% — in Seattle in the next decade, according to Lightcast.

Become a Health Services Manager: The following UW programs can help you land the job:

5. Management Analysts

    Median Annual Salary

Nationally: $87,660
Seattle region: $107,020

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; Lightcast, 2021

What They Do: Management analysts, which include business analysts, recommend ways to improve an organization’s efficiency. They study an organization’s systems and structures, looking for ways to increase revenue and profits and decrease expenses. Business analysts often focus on facilitating IT solutions to business problems. 

Skills Needed: Analytical skills to evaluate data, including revenue, tax and employment reports, and use the findings to make recommendations. Interpersonal skills to work with employees to understand the organization’s problems. Problem-solving skills to develop solutions or alternative business practices that address an organization’s unique challenges.

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Job Outlook: Business markets have become more competitive, and organizations continue to seek new ways to operate more efficiently in the wake of the pandemic. According to Lightcast, jobs for management analysts are expected to see above-average growth of 12% in Seattle between 2020 and 2030.

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6. Education Administrators, K­–Secondary Education

    Median Annual Salary

Nationally: $98,490
Seattle region: $134,240

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; Lightcast, 2021

What They Do: Secondary education administrators (titles can include school principals, vice principals, administrators and superintendents) oversee all school operations and daily school activities. They manage teachers and support personnel, set academic goals and curriculum standards, counsel students and meet with parents to discuss students’ progress, prepare reports on student achievement and teacher performance, and manage the school’s budget.

Skills Needed: Communication and interpersonal skills to effectively work with students, teachers, parents and school boards. Decision-making skills that account for the diverse needs of the entire school community. Problem-solving skills to find appropriate solutions to the many challenges that teachers, students and parents raise.

Job Outlook: As the Seattle region continues to grow and more students enter area schools, jobs for secondary education administrators are expected to grow 10% between 2020 and 2030, compared to the national average of 8%, according to Lightcast.

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Source: Lightcast – lightcast.io/

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