How to Stay Connected With Other Certificate Alumni on LinkedIn
How to Stay Connected With Other Certificate Alumni on LinkedIn

Are you looking for a place to network with fellow certificate alumni who share similar experiences, goals and skills? Whether it’s been one month or 10 years since you graduated, it’s never too late to connect or reconnect with other graduates from your alma matter, area of study or even your specific program. Plus, who you know can be as important as what you know, making other alums a powerful and valuable resource.

Our private alumni group for all certificate graduates boasts more than 4,000 members, with alumni working in various fields around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. This group is your place to connect with other grads, stay in the know about upcoming events and programming and share job opportunities.

There are also separate LinkedIn groups for specific areas of study and certificate programs so you can engage with like-minded peers who share your unique experiences. Talk shop, share ideas and challenges, network with key community members, get career advice, collaborate and build relationships.

Get connected with our official alumni LinkedIn communities:

1. All Certificate Alumni

Private LinkedIn group for all certificate program alumni.

2. Project Management

Private LinkedIn group for Certificate in Project Management alumni.

3. Marketing Programs

Private LinkedIn group for Certificate in Digital Marketing, Certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics and Certificate in Strategic Marketing alumni.

4. Data Science and Machine Learning

Private LinkedIn group for Certificate in Data Science and Certificate in Machine Learning alumni.

5. HR Essentials

Private LinkedIn group for Certificate in HR Essentials alumni.

6. HR Management

Private LinkedIn group for Certificate in HR Management alumni.

7. Information Security Programs

Private LinkedIn group for Certificate in Cybersecurity (formerly Information Systems Security), Certificate in Cybersecurity Risk Management (formerly Information Security Risk Management) and Certificate in Ethical Hacking alumni.

We hope these communities become a place where you have meaningful conversations with your peers throughout your career. Join the conversation, invite fellow alums and help create your alumni community. If you’re an alumnus and want to learn about an existing group or create a new one, contact Piyu Roy (

Want to learn more about the UW Certificate Alumni Community Program? Check out our certificate alumni community page for a taste of all the benefits.

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