Seattle's 10 Most In-Demand Jobs Learn which occupations will be booming in the Puget Sound area over the next decade.
Seattle's 10 Most In-Demand Jobs Learn which occupations will be booming in the Puget Sound area over the next decade.

When it comes to predicting the future of work and the labor market, one thing the experts can agree on is that technological change will play a major factor. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), the ubiquity of big data and mushrooming cybersecurity threats are just a few of the trends that are influencing which occupations will see the biggest growth over the next decade.

That’s good news for professionals working (or looking for work) in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area. With its wide range of technology companies and related industries (such as aerospace and health care), the region is well-positioned for economic growth.

To help you understand which roles will see the greatest demand* in the area over the next 10 years, we crunched the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the market analytics firm Lightcast. Read on to learn about 10 of Seattle’s most in-demand jobs and the UW Professional & Continuing Education (UWPCE) programs that can help you break into or advance in each field.

1. Data Scientists

Big data keeps getting bigger. Many aspects of our daily lives — from our jobs to our social media interactions to our entertainment, sleep and exercise habits — now generate copious data that can be tracked and measured. The same goes for nearly every segment of our economy, including business, medicine, education, technology and more.

 Projected Growth

Data Scientists: 48%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

That has translated into burgeoning career opportunities for those skilled at wrangling and finding meaning in all that data. The demand for trained data scientists — professionals with the skill set to transform raw numbers into decision-making insights — is expected to soar in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area over the next decade. 

Learn how to acquire valuable insights from data sets and use statistical modeling, machine learning, software engineering and more to improve business decisions by enrolling in one of UWPCE’s offerings.

Looking for more? Explore all our data and analytics programs.

2. Cybersecurity Analysts

From compromised customer accounts to multinational ransomware attacks, data breaches are becoming a serious and costly threat to businesses and organizations of all sizes. A 2023 report released by IBM estimated the average cost of such a data breach at more than $4.4 million (up 15% over three years), and 51% of organizations plan to increase their security investments due to a breach.

 Projected Growth

Cybersecurity Analysts: 42%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

These trends translate into a booming market for trained cybersecurity professionals. Looking to launch or further your career in cybersecurity? UWPCE has a variety of certificate and degree programs that can help.

Looking for more? Explore all our security and information management programs.

3. Film and Video Editors

Film and video have become go-to storytelling mediums for most of the world today. From YouTube and TikTok to corporate training videos to popular streaming services, chances are you come in contact with this form of communication almost every day — which means that people with film production skills are increasingly employable.

 Projected Growth

Film and Video Editors: 28%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

If you want to learn the ins and outs of film and video — including scripting, storytelling, camera and lighting, sound, directing and editing — UWPCE has several programs that can help you boost your skills.

Looking for more? Explore all our communication and media programs.

4. Human Resources Specialists and Managers

Responsible for connecting the people and culture of a company with the organization’s objectives and goals, human resources professionals are a vital part of a successful business. In a fiercely competitive market for skilled professionals, talented HR managers and HR specialists (an entry-level role) are more valuable and in demand than ever before.

 Projected Growth

HR Managers: 28%

HR Specialists: 16%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

Whether you’re breaking into the field or looking to ascend to a more senior role, UWPCE offers several programs that will help you succeed as an HR professional.

Looking for more? Explore all our human resources and development programs.

5. Software Developers

Computing technology has transformed society, and the pivotal figures at the center of the tech revolution are software developers (sometimes known as software engineers). These professionals design and develop the software that we depend upon in many aspects of our daily lives.

 Projected Growth

Software Developers: 25%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

Despite the hype that artificial intelligence will replace human coders, labor surveys show that the field continues to expand rapidly, particularly in the tech-heavy Seattle area. UWPCE has a plethora of programs that prepare you to find work in this well-paying, growing profession.

Looking for more? Explore all our programming and software development programs.

6. Marketing Managers

Offering a great product isn’t enough if consumers are unaware it exists. That’s where marketing comes in. An essential revenue driver for many organizations, marketing brings real value to the table.

 Projected Growth

Marketing Managers: 25%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

As a result, openings for marketing managers — the professionals who spearhead marketing campaigns, create advertising plans and manage budgets — are increasing in the job market. Gain the skills you need to be the linchpin of your marketing team by enrolling in one of UWPCE’s relevant programs.

Looking for more? Explore all our marketing programs.

7. Web Developers and Web Designers

Approaching its third decade of existence, the web is still the “front door” of the internet. Individuals, businesses and organizations of all sizes rely on websites to communicate, carry out essential functions, buy and sell products and services, and myriad other objectives.

 Projected Growth

Web Developers: 18%

Web Designers: 18%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

The people responsible for creating and maintaining this complex system? That would be web designers and developers – the talented professionals who create the look and feel of each website, define how it should function, and write the code that makes it come to life and work as intended. These specialized skills remain in high demand.

To pursue a career as a web developer, you’ll need a strong mix of coding skills, with proficiency in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (to start). UWPCE offers a variety of programs to help add to your toolkit.

Looking for more? Explore all our programming and tech programs.

If you want to work on websites but your talents tend more toward design than code, you’ll need training in user experience design. UWPCE has you covered with these offerings:

Looking for more? Explore all our design and user experience programs.

8. Project Managers

Responsible for guiding complex projects involving cross-functional teams, project managers are key to delivering results in many organizations. Companies in industries ranging from aerospace to education and health care to technology rely on these professionals to “herd the cats” and ensure that work gets done on time and within budget.

 Projected Growth

Project Managers: 17%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

Because of this, project managers continue to be one of the hottest job categories in the Puget Sound area. Start or advance your career in project management with one of the many UWPCE certificate programs and courses.

Looking for more? Explore all our management programs.

9. Technical Writers

Because technology drives so much of our employment growth — especially in the Puget Sound region — it follows that technical writing is another field projected to grow dramatically over the next decade.

 Projected Growth

Technical Writers: 16%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

Once considered a role primarily concerned with software documentation, technical writers today work in disparate fields, such as health care, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, engineering and many other industries. That’s why UWPCE offers a range of certificates, courses and specializations that cover different aspects of this growing profession.

Looking for more? Explore all our writing and editing programs.

10. Fundraisers and Fundraising Managers

Nonprofit and mission-driven organizations of all stripes must rely on fundraising to generate a significant portion of their annual budgets. Cultivating donors (both large and small), writing effective grant proposals and putting on successful events are just some of the ways these institutions keep the dollars coming in to fund their program efforts and staff salaries.

 Projected Growth

Fundraisers: 13%

Fundraising Managers: 13%

(Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, 2022-32)

This means that talented fundraisers (sometimes called development officers) are an essential part of any successful nonprofit, and the demand for these professionals is growing at a rapid pace. UWPCE features a number of programs that enable fundraising professionals to add skills and grow their careers.    

Looking for more? Explore all our nonprofit and public administration programs.

*According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percent change in the number of jobs added or lost in a U.S. occupation or industry is defined by the following percent changes for 2022-2032 employment projections: Much faster than the average: an increase of 9% or more; faster than the average: an increase of 5% to 8%.

 Source: Lightcast

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