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Reach Your Potential

Education turns potential into possibility. Through the UW Certificate Scholarship program, you’ll have a chance to boost your potential — and your career — with a UW certificate.

WHat’s the UW Certificate Scholarship?

The UW Certificate Scholarship program is an important way to break down barriers to a UW education and help you ignite a change in your career. 

The UW Certificate Scholarship covers 80% of the cost, up to a maximum value of $4,000, for most of our eligible certificate programs.

The scholarship value is evenly divided each quarter of the program and delivered as a course fee waiver. The recipient is responsible for 20% of the program cost, or the remaining course fees for each quarter, along with the initial $50 application fee, any additional program fees, and the cost of any necessary books and other class materials.

Take the NeXt Step

After you apply and are accepted into an eligible certificate program, you’ll receive information about applying for a UW Certificate Scholarship.

To learn more, check out the following list of eligible certificate programs, talk to an enrollment coach and attend an information session.

Eligible Certificate Programs

Students who apply to one of these certificate programs may be eligible for a 2024 UW Certificate Scholarship.

Biotech, Healthcare & Social Work

Business & Leadership

Data & Applied Math

Education, Nonprofit & Society

Engineering, Construction & Sustainability

Marketing, Communication & Design

Programming & Tech

Who’s Eligible for this scholarship?

To be considered for this scholarship, you must:

  • Be living in Washington state
  • Apply and be accepted to one of the eligible certificate programs
  • Not exceed the household income limits listed below for the previous calendar year*
  • Not have access to financial assistance from your employer to pay for your program
  • Not have been a part- or full-time student in the last 12 months (unless taking prerequisite courses) 
  • Not be a UW Continuum College employee or an immediate family member thereof

The University of Washington strives to create a community of students richly diverse in cultural backgrounds, experiences, values and viewpoints. Individuals from all cultures and communities are encouraged to apply.

* To qualify for a UW Certificate Scholarship, the applicant's total household income may not exceed 300% of the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines. You are required to state your household income and provide a copy of your 2023 federal income tax return as part of the application. Please ensure your supporting documentation matches the information provided on your application and is submitted with it or before the deadline. 

People in Household

Annual Income

1 $43,740
2 $59,160
3 $74,580
4 $90,000
5 $105,420
6 $120,840
7 $136,260
8 $151,680

How to Apply

✔ Carefully review the admission requirements for your chosen certificate program to make sure you qualify. If you have any questions, contact Enrollment Services.

Apply to the certificate program

Check your email! We’ll contact you within two weeks to let you know if you’ve been accepted into the certificate program. If you’re accepted, you’ll get an email with the scholarship application link.

Complete the scholarship application by July 14, 2024. Scholarship applications will be accepted until the posted deadline. No late or incomplete applications are accepted. (This includes supporting documents, i.e. tax returns.)

To confirm your income eligibility, submit your 2023 U.S. federal income tax return according to the instructions on the scholarship application.

Check your email! We will let you know about scholarship decisions by August 9, 2024.


  • You may apply for a scholarship for one certificate program.
  • Scholarship decisions are made by the Scholarship Committee. All decisions are final.  
  • Scholarship awards are not transferable to other certificate programs. 
  • Scholarship recipients must successfully complete each course in their certificate program to receive the scholarship award for the remaining courses. 
  • Scholarship recipients cannot be enrolled in other UW programs while completing their awarded certificate program. 
  • Scholarship awards cannot be deferred. 
  • Additional awards beyond the 80% may be awarded to students with extreme extenuating circumstances as funds remain available. 
  • Scholarship recipients must sign a Scholarship Agreement within two weeks of notification.
  • Scholarship recipients must attend a Welcome Session and Program Information Session before the start of their program. 
  • Scholarship recipients must meet all deadlines for accepting, registering, and paying fees as stated in the Scholarship Agreement. Generally, course fees must be paid two weeks before the start of a course. If the deadlines are missed, the scholarship will expire. 

Scholarship details

Award amount:
Up to $4,000

Autumn 2024 Scholarship applications:
Accepted May 14–July 14, 2024

certificate program start:
Autumn 2024

Rebecca Bramwell


"I didn’t have to worry about the cost of my education — I felt like every door and every window opened before me. Now, I have the opportunity to protect these places that are important for climate change, while helping people develop sustainably.” 

Rebecca Bramwell, Scholarship Recipient & Certificate Graduate

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